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Adelaide School Of Russian LanguageTM Policy

  1. Introduction
  2. General Information
  3. Enrolment
  4. Behaviour Management
  5. Fire Evacuation
  6. Tuition
  7. Parent Participation Policy
  8. Student Responsibilities
  9. Teacher Responsibility


The Adelaide Russian Ethnic School was established to promote the Russian language, literature, history and Culture. It is open to all children wishing to enroll in the school.

The objectives of the school are:

a.To teach language, history, geography, custom, tradition, and more and promote Russian culture.

b.To promote activities for the development and benefit of the school.

c.To promote communication and co-operation with teachers and institutions involved in language teaching.

The policy of the School is to provide a happy, safe and caring environment where children can learn without any form of harassment, and be able to work with the teachers as a co-operative unit. They will be encouraged to be involved in educational activities that are relevant, meaningful and appropriate. The children will be taught to be responsible for their own decisions and behavior and to accept the consequences for their behavior. Last, but by no means least, the children will learn to respect their teachers, elders and their peers.

2.General Information

a.The school is a non-profit organisation and all grants received will be used to benefit the learning outcomes of students.

b.All children attending school are covered by the public liability cover with the Ethnic Schools Association of South Australia.

c.Toys which might be considered dangerous and harmful to other children are banned from the school.

d.Classes are held at North Adelaide Primary School from 9:30 to 3:05 pm. Younger classes finish earlier.


  1. a) All children must be enrolled before they can commence their studies.
  2. b) The forms must be duly completed and returned signed by the parents or guardians.
  3. c) The teachers will determine their level of competence and assign them to their respective classes.
  4. d) Currently school fees are charged for buying books, textbooks, stationary, etc., and the School administration will decide whether this policy should be changed at any time.
  5. e) School fee is payable in first three weeks of current term. For the payment delay the late fee is to be charged at the rate $5 for each subsequent week.

4.Behavior Management

The aim of the School is to create a caring and safe environment to enable teachers to teach and for students to learn without fear of discrimination and be subjected to any form of harassment. To successfully achieve our objectives the following rules must be followed:

a.Students will respect each other and behave in a way that does not harass, harm, or endanger themselves or others.

b.Students will use the playground, facilities and equipment in a thoughtful and caring manner.

c.Students will share space, facilities and equipment equitably.

d.Students will respect Staff members and follow their directives.

e.Students will be aware of classroom rules, take responsibility for their own behavior and respect the rights of others.

f.Students will remain in the defined area in front of the classroom.

g.Students will not move to the playground area unless a teacher accompanies them.

h.Teachers will strive to create a safe, caring, learning environment by ensuring that students accept their responsibilities, and thereby establishing a code of conduct to be observed by all.

i.Teachers will provide supervision of all students during class lessons time, during recess, before and after lessons until parental pick-up.

j.Teachers will arrive normally 10-15 minutes before the commencement of lessons to provide the supervision that is required.

k.Parents will co-operate fully with the teachers in picking up their children promptly after school.

Inappropriate behavior

The philosophy of discipline is primarily one of self-discipline. Encouragement is given for the students to behave responsibly and appropriately.

Where there is a breach of guidelines for good behavior, the following actions may be taken:


2.Re-doing work

3.Time out / isolation

4.Parents informed

5.Suspension / expulsion

The School Principal will decide what course of action should be taken. If the problems are of a minor nature then it will only be necessary for the teacher to talk to the student concerned and request for a written apology and the incident will be recorded. Students who continue to re-offend will incur harsher penalties with the parents being informed.

  1. Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan

a.For the safety of our children we value an effective fire evacuation plan, as used at the North Adelaide Primary School.

b.Each classroom is provided with a fire extinguisher.

c.Each teacher has been provided with a whistle that he/she can use for evacuation purposes.

d.On hearing repeated soundings of whistle, children, teachers and all other people at the school will assemble at the courtyard.

e.Teachers must take the class list and take a roll call to ensure that no children are left behind in the class.


a.Whistle will be sounded over a long period of time

b.Classes are to be cleared quickly and in a quiet and orderly manner.

c.Teachers are to keep children away from the fire, take attendance lists and guide them safely from the room.

d.Each teacher is responsible for checking all rooms (toilets, storeroom, etc.) to ensure that they are all clear.

e.The head teacher will phone for the fire brigade.

f.The teachers will take another roll call once the children are seated and assembled at the courtyard.

g.The head teacher will take full control in the event of an emergency and all other teachers will report to him/her.

The Fire Evacuation Plan will be exercised each term during class lessons.

  1. Tuition

a.Textbooks are supplied by teachers. Teaching materials not in the text will be photocopied and made available to the students.

b.Homework is set by the teachers to assist children in the areas of reading, spelling and grammar.

c.The local teachers are accredited with the Ethnic School Board. Teachers must attend the Accreditation Course within 2 years of Service.

d.The appointment of our teachers will be made by the School Administration.

  1. Parent Participation Policy

a.Parents are welcome to participate and to be involved in all aspects of our activities.

b.The School Administration will establish proper communication process on all school matters with parents and students and will encourage them to provide input with activities.

c.Parents are actively encouraged to provide support in the area of yard supervision e.g. at recess breaks.

d.Parents will notify the school whenever their children are unable to attend the school.

  1. Student Responsibilities

Students shall have the following responsibilities.

a.Being tolerant to all children in the class and to resolve the conflicts assertively and not aggressively.

b.Caring for the school properties and for the personal belonging.

c.Participating attentively in all activities and showing pride in school achievement.

d.Report to class on arrival and not to leave class area without a parent or authorized person at the end of the school session.

  1. Teacher Responsibilities

Teachers will:

a.Provide recognition to Students for their achievements.

b.Be responsible for providing an educational program.

c.Follow the requirements as outlined in this Policy with respect to student supervision

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